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Sante FX V Plus Cool Eye Drops

Sante FX V Plus Cool Eye Drops

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Sante FX


Recharge tired eyes! Energy with vitamin B6

SanteFX V+ has features developed in response to requests from our customers who want eye drops that nutritionally replenish as well leaving you feeling refreshed.In addition to two types of amino acids, vitamin B6 has also been added.

  • Improves eye strain - SanteFX V Plus is a combination of three types of vitamins and amino acids in the maximum concentration.Refreshes tiredness in eyes that have been overused. Of course, inflammation of eyes due to exposure to UV rays is treated.Your eye tissue metabolism is activated and your tired eyes will be refreshed.
  • The nutritional ingredient vitamin B6 is added and demonstrates effectiveness against tiredness in eyes.
  • The refreshing application sensation keeps on going
How To Use
Instill 1~3 drops at a time for each eye. Can be used up to 6 times in a day.


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