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Sana Suhada Kinenbi Skin Care Powder Nude Pink

Sana Suhada Kinenbi Skin Care Powder Nude Pink

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Suhada Kinenbi

Nude Pink

A powder you can sleep with on for 24-hour flawless bare skin! 

"Natural Beauty Day Skincare Powder" with a hint of shimmering transparency pearls can be left on overnight. Sana Suhada Kinenbi Skin Care Powder naturally covers adult skin concerns and achieves "24-hour flawless bare skin." 

With the newly added transparency pearls, it creates a natural glow according to the angle of your skin, naturally covering pores and dullness.

  • Makeup Effect: Creates the illusion of beautiful bare skin with a transparent finish. Corrects uneven skin tone and overall complexion. Prevents stickiness and shine while you sleep.
  • Skincare Effect: A carefully crafted formula that is kind to bare skin, recommended for various occasions. Richly formulated with beauty serum ingredients, allowing you to sleep without needing to wash your face.
How To Use
The warmth and oils of the fingers blend the highlighter into the skin. *Use a brush for the fine areas.


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