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Rohto Lycee Eye Wash

Rohto Lycee Eye Wash

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Eye makeup and contact lens are part of a girl's daily routine or on special occasions. This also requires a steady regimen of makeup cleansers. Have you ever wondered if eye irritation may be caused due to improper cleansing of makeup?

At Rohto, we are considerate of the important rituals in a girl's routine life. Rinsing your eyes with Lycee Eyewash is effective to remove debris and dirt which can cause eye infection and diseases.

  • 3 pink vitamins Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E has a healing effect on tired and burdened eyes.
  • Cornea treatment ingredient - Sodium condroitin sulfate envelops the eyes and protects the cornea
  • Viscous Agent - Sodium hyaluronate has a rich viscous texture. 
  • Suppress inflammation - Zinc sulphate - Reduces inflammation of eye
How To Use
1. Fill the cup with 5ml of eyewash. (upto the marked line inside the cup)
2. Facing downwards, place the cup to fit one of your eyes.
3. Blink several times while the cup is pushed up against your eye.
*Pinch the bottom portion of the cup several times to facilitate circulation of the eyewash.
4. Discard the used fluid, rinse the cup and repeat the steps to wash the other eye.
*Please do not wash the other eye using the remaining
Can be used 3~6 times in one day.


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