Pelican Beloved Boobs Bust Care Soap


  • $9.99



Breasts that are placed in harsh environments such as tightening with a brassiere, stuffiness, and friction.The skin is also very complex, with cleavage and bust tops producing a lot of sebum, while breast skin is very delicate and easy to dry. Therefore, developed a soap with a feeling of breasts that has both delicate skin and dirt care.

Uses an original soap shape that allows you to directly wash the bust top, which tends to collect dirt. With a structure that is easy to foam, delicate parts can be washed with gentle foam.

Uses 100% vegetable-fired additive-free base material, and does not use parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, or legal pigments.

In addition, it contains natural ingredients that approach darkening and roughness caused by sebum accumulation, and odor caused by stuffiness.

For a fascinating bath time with a sugar rose aroma that tickles the girl's heart, which is perfumed in grasse, the village of perfume. A soap with a feeling of boobs that gives you a clean and gentle foam.

How To Use
After thoroughly moistening the soap with water or lukewarm water, wash the areas where you are concerned about roughness directly. If you want to wash gently, wash with a well-foamed foam.


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