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Pelican Beloved Boobs Bust Care Soap

Pelican Beloved Boobs Bust Care Soap

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Pelican Beloved Boobs Bust Care Soap is designed to provide thorough and gentle cleansing for lovelier breasts. Proper cleansing is essential for firm and glowing breast skin. The soap's design allows for both direct patting to cleanse sebum dirt-prone areas like the cleavage and bust top and a gentle foam wash for delicate regions.

It features a 100% plant-based, additive-free base, free from parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, and synthetic colorants. Natural ingredients combat darkening, roughness, and odors caused by sweating. Enjoy the enchanting 'Sugar Rose' fragrance crafted in the perfume capital, perfect for tickling the maiden's heart and soothing the soul."

  • For Lovelier Breasts with Every Wash
  • Care Essential for Beautiful Breasts is "Cleansing"
  • Breast-Caring Soap Design
  • 100% Plant-Based Unadulterated Base
  • Natural Ingredients to Address "Darkening" from Sebum Buildup, "Roughness," and "Odor" from Sweating
  • Scented with "Sugar Rose" Perfume from the Perfume Capital, It Tickles the Maiden's Heart and Moistens the Soul
How To Use
After thoroughly moistening the soap with water or lukewarm water, wash the areas where you are concerned about roughness directly. If you want to wash gently, wash with a well-foamed foam.


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