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Mise en scene

Mise en scene Hello Bubble Foam Hair Color 6N Cocoa Brown

Mise en scene Hello Bubble Foam Hair Color 6N Cocoa Brown

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Mise en scene

6N Cocoa Brown

Secret magic essence protects your hair while being dyed and the multile bubbles quickly dye your hair only in 20 minutes. Self-dyed, self-smoothing, rich, soft foam with no smudges. The secret magic ampoule, which keeps your hair soft and smooth even after dyeing, does not give you any chance to feel the damage. Ammonia free is the default! Pleasant dyed shampoo with sweet floral fragrance without odor stimulation.

How To Use
1. Put on the gloves and the cape.
2. Open Solution 2 and add all of Solution 1 and Solution 3 Close the cap tightly with the pump.
3. Gently shake the bottle about 20 times in circular motions until the content is mixed well.
About Mise en scene
‘mise en secne’, Your style! Mise-en-Scene means ‘directing’ in French, and we have a philosophy of making your hair style and image more complete. We believe that you can be more beautiful through a change in your hair. mise en scene is a stylish hair cosmetics brand that makes you to be a hero on the stage of life beyond the ordinary self of everyday life.


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