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Mandom Hair Styling Long Keep Gel Super Hard

Mandom Hair Styling Long Keep Gel Super Hard

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A non-sticky hair gel with a watery texture for maximum hold without a sticky or coarse feeling. The water-based gel evenly spreads through hair to give hair a supple feel coupled with natural looking shine. To restyle, simply dampen hair with water and then use fingers or a comb to achieve your new look.

  • Moisturizing and protecting formula, resist rain and moisture.
  • Extra strong shape, can keep the shape unchanged all day.
  • Contains extra-hard styling formula, which can easily create an ideal natural hairstyle without a rough feeling.
  • Contains elastic polymer ingredients to prevent the gel from forming flakes.
  • Wetting the hair slightly with water can reshape the hair.
  • Protect hair from the heat of the hair dryer and prevent UV damage.
  • With fresh fruit scent.
How To Use
Put appropriate amount on the palm and apply it to the hair and set.


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