Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Styling Wax Extreme Mat


  • $10.99



Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Styling Wax Extreme Mat features a bold and non-fading lift that enhances your style every time, while keeping the shine subdued. It employs a matte and power lift approach to vigorously lift the hair from the roots. The inclusion of the 'Moving Rubber' arrangement memory ingredient ensures a flexible finish, allowing for easy restyling even if your hair loses its shape. Additionally, it contains hair care moisturizing components. The fragrance is a clear floral scent with a subtle aroma that doesn't linger. Paraben-free.

  • Mat and hard lift up with long lasting × Can re-style as many times as you like
  • Strong hold yet easy to wash-off
  • Contains Moving Rubber, styling memory (Panthenol, polyquaternium-11)
  • Elastic finish, easy re-styling even after a style is lost
  • Contains Hair Care moisture retainer (Panthenol)
  • Clear floral fragrance (mildly fragrant, non-lingering scent)
How To Use

Apply small dab onto the palm of your hand. Spread out well and blend into ends of hair or other parts where you want movement.


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