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Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Styling Wax Spiky Edge

Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Styling Wax Spiky Edge

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Strong holding power keeps hair spiked all day

Gatsby Moving Rubber Styling Wax Spiky Edge is the hardest hair wax of the moving rubber series. With an excellent holding power to keep spikes during all the day, even when in movement, this product creates a maximum hold and moveable textured allowing you to reshape your style throughout the day. Perfect for very short to short hair length, this product creates an ultra-spiky look for your hair.

What makes it special?

  • Maximum hold and moveable texture. This unique wax ultra-holds your hair from roots to tip for any style. Its formula contains moving rubber, a styling memory ingredient that provides flexible control and can be re-styled throughout the day.

  • Hair care and moisturizing ingredients. This styling wax is specially formulated to give you maximum styling control. This water-soluble gel contains hair care and moisturizing ingredients, helping to protect your hair, resulting in both style and strength.

  • Less sticky and light finish. It dries to a light finish with reduced stickiness, allowing you to shape and re-shape your hair for hours on end.

  • Bouncy finish. This wax is just what you need to create a masculine, spiky look with your hair. The wax gives your hair a bouncy finish that holds even in humid conditions.

  • Light-scented fragrance. With a fragrance that sets apart from other styling waxes on the market, its clear floral smell is mild and non-lingering, leaving your hair refreshed and nourished.

Spiky Edge: Create spikes that hold x Restyle again and again
[Power Spike Formula]

Ultra-hold, from roots to tip.
[Contains Moving Rubber, styling memory.*1]

Bouncy finish; Create movement even when shape is lost.

Contains Hair Care moisture retainer.*2
Clear floral fragrance (mildly fragrant, non-lingering scent)

*1 Panthenol, polyquaternium-11
*2 Panthenol

How To Use

Apply small dab onto the palm of your hand. Spread out well and blend into ends of hair or other parts where you want movement.


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