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LUX Bath Glow Repair & Shine Shampoo 490g

LUX Bath Glow Repair & Shine Shampoo 490g

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- Glossy hair that can be put together with water-retaining beauty.

- Non-silicone shampoo.

- For damaged hair.

- Contains 24 types of beauty amino acids, white jellyfish extract with high water retention, and pearl essence.

- Natural luster that reflects light by repairing damage.

- Delivers moisture to the core of the hair, retains the moisture inside the hair, and keeps the hair manageable.

- For shiny hair that stays moist and smooth as if it's just washed.

- Soothing scent of watery apple and jasmine.

How To Use
Massage into wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly.


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