Kose Visee Glossy Rich Eyes Eye Shadow PK-2


  • $17.99


An eye shadow quad creates instant luminosity and dimensional for bigger looking eyes. Features a pearl-like glossy finish, rich color gradation, and smooth feel. Contains Pure Gold Powder to give the skin a natural glow and a dimensional color. Contains Glossy Base to give a long-lasting finish. Formulated with moisturizing ingredient to nourish the skin and prevent dryness.Fragrance free. 
How To Use
  • With finger tips, blend upper left Glossy Base from the inner corners of the eyes to the area below the eyebrows.

    With medium chip, blend the upper right shade all over the upper eyelid.

  • With medium chip, apply the lower-left shade to half of the upper eyelid overlapping the upper right shade.

  • With small chip, line the lower right shade to the upper lash line and one-third of the lower lash line from the outer corner.


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