Kose Fasio Dry Flower Collection Permanent Curl Mascara Hybrid Long Waterproof 104 Bordeaux


  • $19.99


104 Bordeaux

Charming curls and a natural long effect make the beautiful eyelashes you want
It won't weigh you down no matter how many times you apply it, and it will create separate long eyelashes.

Waterproof & Oil-proof. Resistant to tears, sebum and abrasions, the curls will last for a day. 10-hour makeup hold data acquired. Even though it is waterproof, it will come off with hot water and face wash.Natural long curly eyelashes will keep any eyelashes looking upward.

Ultra Long Lush Fiber Formula.Textured surface adheres firmly to eyelashes.Fiber does not fall off over timeIn addition, the fibers of varying lengths overlap the eyelashes beautifully, creating a naturally longer finish every time you apply it
Permanent curl formula.Strong vegetable wax keeps fresh curls in placeMaintains the curls upward while providing a natural sheen

Formulated with Neo-Easy Off ingredients, this product will come off with hot water and face wash.Hot water softens the film and removes mascara smoothly
Featherfit formula.It is fluffy and light to use without feeling like you have it on.It blends with makeup for an integrated look.Skin-friendly color design

Formulated with 5 types of organic plant extracts.Designed for a gentle and comfortable feel to remove, pinch your eyelashes with your fingers and gently fluff them in warm water before using the facial cleanser.

How To Use
Apply the mascara from the bottom of the upper lashes, then apply from the top to give the maximum volume.


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