Kose Fasio Botanical Collection Permanent Curl Mascara Long Waterproof 102 Sage Green


  • $19.99


101 Rosy Pink

Achieve the beautiful lashes you've always desired with charming and captivating curls, along with a natural long-lasting effect. This mascara allows for multiple applications without weighing down your lashes, ensuring a separated and lengthened look tailored to your preferences. It contains ultra-long lash fibers that firmly adhere to the surface of your lashes, preventing the fibers from falling off even after time passes. The fibers of different lengths overlap beautifully, creating a natural appearance as if your lashes have naturally grown longer with each application.

The theme "Botanical Collection" is inspired by the lifestyle intertwined with plants, these limited edition colors add a touch of color and a sense of comfort to your everyday life.

  • Achieve your desired beautiful eyelashes with charming curls and natural-looking length
  • Resistant to tears, sebum, and rubbing, maintaining curls throughout the day.
  • Alcohol-free and paraben-free
  • Continuously nourishing formula
  • Contains 5 types of organic plant extracts, squalane (emollient), and permanent curling ingredients.
  • Easy to remove

How To Use
Apply the mascara from the bottom of the upper lashes, then apply from the top to give the maximum volume.


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