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Kose Clear Turn Super Premium Fresh Mask Super Moist Skin 3pcs

Kose Clear Turn Super Premium Fresh Mask Super Moist Skin 3pcs

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Clear Turn


For super soft, moisturized skin

These masks are rich in moisturizer that grows only in certain springs of the freshest water. This means the purest of hydration is suffused throughout your skin.

A specially formulated additive-free, hypoallergenic mask that treats roughness and dullness. This pure, additive-free mask has an airtight seal to deliver
rejuvenating moisture straight to the skin.

SUPER PREMIUM FRESH MASKs have a contoured surface. Open the mask by pulling the protruding tab to the right, apply so the bumpy side is against the skin, and press down. Feel the serum burst onto your skin!

How To Use
Use once or twice weekly and leave on for 10-15 minutes for best results.
About Clear Turn
No. 1 selling product in the sheet mask category for eight years in a row. Kose Clear Turn is a popular sheet mask series containing ample beautifying ingredients for different skin issues. The high-in-demand sheet mask that’s made of a sumptuous blend of popular beautifying ingredients and offered in a wide variety for different skin issues. An extensive selection from full-face masks to dedicated masks for around the eyes and mouth. The line-up includes individually packaged products with characteristic rich sensation as well as bulk packages for everyday use. A five to ten-minute intensive care treatment brings a relaxing experience and you can feel the amazing skin care effect immediately after use.


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