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Koji Eye Talk One Touch Eye Tape 30 pairs

Koji Eye Talk One Touch Eye Tape 30 pairs

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Eye Talk

30 pairs

The innovative new design makes this ever easier for beginners or for those who want to have quick makeup. Long-lasting performance still, no discomfort even uses for a long time. It comes with Y-shaped applicator and plastic case for storage.

How To Use

1. Wipe the eyelids with cotton etc. before use. Residual cosmetics or sebum can weaken the adhesive strength of the tape.

2. Close your eyes, put the accessory pusher (Y side) on the eyelids, and open your eyes to find the position to make a line.

3. Remove only the white paper on the tape. Be careful not to touch the tape with your fingers.

4. Peel the handle slowly along the notch. Be careful not to peel the tape from the handle.

5. Hold the tape handle with both hands, close your eyes and stick the tape to the line you want to close. The tape can be used on either side.

6. With your eyes open, press gently so that the eyelids are covered.

7. Cut the perforation in the center of the handle.

8. Remove the handles toward the inner and outer corners of the eye. Be careful not to damage the eyelids.


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