Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker Adhesive Glue Clear Type


  • $11.99

Eye Talk

A liquid product for beautifully natural eyelid folds. Simply paint onto the eyelid then use the special Eyetalk pusher to push the eyelid up onto itself, creating a picture perfect eyelid fold in seconds.

A translucent liquid that's almost invisible on the eyelid with almost no odor.  The liquid is clear from the initial application, so there's no risk of the liquid turning white over time.

Long-Lasting Hold:
Outstanding adhesion means that your eyelid folds will stay firmly in place for hours.

Gentle on the Skin:
Moisturising ingredient: botanical collagen extract. Unperfumed, uncoloured. Latex free.
How To Use
1. Brush liquid onto entire eyelid and let dry completely.
2. Repeat step 1, 3~4 times to apply additional coats.
3. Use crease maker to press crease into lid at desired height.


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