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Liese For Men Bubble Natural Hair Creator Natural Brown

Liese For Men Bubble Natural Hair Creator Natural Brown

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Natural Brown

Kao’s Liese For Men Natural Color Creator is a quick way to conceal gray hair! It offers even coverage, and contains nourishing ingredients like hydrolyzed silk solution and lanolin fatty acids to protect and prevent hair damage.


How To Use
1. Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2.
2. Remove bottle cap and replace it with other bottle cap dispenser to release foaming hair dye.
3. Put on gloves and then apply mixture onto dry hair strands.
4. After leaving on for 30 minutes, shampoo hair.
5. Use the after-care treatment and then rinse off with warm water.
About Liese For Men
Born from the women's styling brand Liese, the Liese For Men is a lineup for men who want a natural hairstyle. We make a natural impression and provide smart everyday life.


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