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Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color 1AH Ash Beige

Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color 1AH Ash Beige

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1AH Ash Beige

Blaune's new foam is super penetrating. It beautifully colors the roots, inside, and even the back.

The new Blaune bubble hair color has increased penetration power into the spaces between hair strands and roots. It effectively reaches even hard-to-dye inner parts and roots, reducing the chances of uneven coloring. It evenly dyes the inner parts and the back, leaving no remaining white hairs. Achieve all-around glossy colored hair.

  • Color-lasting formula
  • One application for semi-long hair
  • Approximately 20 minutes of processing time
  • No leftover dye with ultra-penetrating foam
  • Contains moisturizing ingredient (Royal Jelly Extract) and hair-protecting ingredients (Seaweed Extract, Soft Lanolin Fatty Acid).
  • Comes with a long-lasting treatment (cosmetic) that maintains smoothness, repairing delicate hair after coloring.
How To Use
1. Add 1 solution to 2 solutions and mix.
2. Turn upside down Do not shake strongly.
3. Press the bottle to make bubbles.
4. Stand the container and press the center.
5. Apply plenty of foam to the dry hair and gently rub in with your fingers so that your hair does not get entangled.
6. The foam changes to a creamy shape!
7. Plenty of hair tips adhere without sagging during standing.
8. After leaving for 20 minutes, rinse off and finish with shampoo and attached repair treatment.
About Liese
Launched in 1980, Liese is the pioneer hairstyling brand in Japan and is still loved by many women as the top brand in Japan. Focusing on long-established ‘know-hows’ of hair styling trends to help consumers style on their own at home, product development is supported by unique polymer technology and original raw materials. For more than three decades now, KAO Hair Cosmetics continues to raise the bar on easily and beautifully styling for Asian hair.


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