Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Watering Eyelash Serum Mascara


  • $19.99

Heroine Make

0.20z (5.5g)

A serum for the eyelashes. With an oil-free formulation that can be used on top of eyelash extensions. This quick-drying type can be used in the morning before putting on makeup. The soft-feeling, easy-to-apply brush allows for proper care down to the roots of lashes.

How To Use
Use it on clean eyelashes in the morning and evening. In order to keep the eyelashes beautiful, it is recommended to use them every day.
Pay attention not to drip into the eye, apply it from the root of the eyelashes.
After use, please wipe the brush with tissue paper, etc., and put it back.
Please use eyelash curler and mascara after the product is completely dry.


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