Gatsby Hair Jam for Hair Styling Active Nuance


  • $10.99



Creates a loosely permed hairstyle with a natural-looking, tousled texture.

Gatsby Hair Jam for Hair Styling Active Nuance is a hair jam that can be quickly and easily applied with new styling technology, giving you the freedom to create any style you want. It contains air powder that balances lightness and styling power, allowing you to create a natural-looking, textured style that lasts.

The jam-like texture is easy to apply and spread, so you can create your desired style without any special techniques. Oil-free* powder styling that is lightweight and non-greasy, leaving your hair looking fresh and light. The powder absorbs oil, sweat, and moisture to keep your style intact.

How To Use

1. Take an appropriate amount with fingertips and blend well between fingers.
2. Run hands through hair from hair parting to the sides to spread pomade throughout hair.
3. Comb your hair to the side, and adjust neatly.


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