CLUB Cosmetics Yuagari Suppin Makeup Powder Pastel Rose

CLUB Cosmetics

  • $18.99

CLUB Cosmetics

Pastel Rose Scent

CLUB Cosmetics Yuagari Suppin Makeup Powder makes you look as if you’ve just emerged from a bath. The refined powder helps even skin tone and texture, conceal pores and protect your skin against irritants.

    • The fine powder makes the color unevenness of the skin and the pores inconspicuous.
    • Guards your skin from external stimuli such as dust and cigarette smoke.
    • A makeup foundation you can wear while sleeping.
    • It makes your bear skin smooth and ideal even after washing your face in the end of the day.

  • How To Use
    Gently apply the powder on your skin after washing your face and applying skin care toner.


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