CEZANNE Eyebrow Mascara 02 Natural Brown


  • $9.99



Softens the color of the eyebrows for more defined eyes. Contains fiber to blend in naturally with your eyebrows for a sophisticated look!

Fiber-rich: Blends in naturally with your eyebrows and creates a natural, fluffy look even if your eyebrows are sparse. Non-pearly: Keeps a natural look even in bright places. Can be used to hide gray eyebrow hairs, too!

Resistant to rubbing: Stays put even when your cap, bangs, etc. touch your eyebrows, ensuring a long-lasting, sophisticated look. Contains hair protection ingredients: Yuzu Fruit Extract, Algae Extract and Panthenol

Diamond-shaped brush. Keeps liquid from smearing on the skin!

How To Use
From the outer to inner corner, work the brush in the opposite direction of hair growth. From the inner to outer corner, work the brush in the direction of hair growth (as if arranging your hair).


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