Carmate BLANG SOLID G1843 DH Air Freshener Shine Blue


  • $9.99




Shine Blue

- Solid gel type is spill-resistant and fragrant. You won't have to worry about spills like liquid air fresheners if it falls over accidentally.

- Large capacity 120g 1.5 times more volume than BLANG Solid BK. Scent lasts approximately 60 days. The duration of the product may vary depending on the usage environment.

- Formulated with a deodorizer for a clean enjoyment of fragrance. You can enjoy the scent while deodorizing unpleasant odors.

- For drink holders only. Can be used in the drink holder. Double-sided tape is not included with the bottom.

Shine Blue: The feminine sweetness of a fresh fruity floral with a masculine color overlaps like a glistening wave.

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