BCL MOMO PURI Moist Gel Lotion

BCL MOMO PURI Moist Barrier Lotion


  • $11.99



Adding this moisturizing lotion is a perfect way to enhance your daily routine! Made in a gel form instead of a cream, the lactic acid and the peach ceramide are free to relax and replenish the skin. With a subtle peach scent, the lotion will purify and even out the skin tone while penetrating deep to create healthy, happy skin! We like to use this product after a good cleanser!

    •  Lactic acid bacteria and peach ceramide to be applied.
    • For peach skin that is hard to fluctuate by supplementing the moisturizing barrier.
  • How To Use
    After washing your face, take an appropriate amount on your palm or cotton and apply it to your entire face.


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