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BCL MOMO PURI Moist Barrier Portion 8pcs

BCL MOMO PURI Moist Barrier Portion 8pcs

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Simply apply for focused replenishment! Smooth and even texture, Easy-to-use disposable barrier replenishment serum.

On days when you're concerned about dryness, like today. A special beauty serum that moisturizes and evens out with just one application. Replenish your moisture barrier for a peachy complexion that looks and feels great every day.

  • Instant Moisture! Barrier Repair at High Speed. Contains Lactic Acid Bacteria and Peach Ceramides. A quick moisture supply pack with just one application!
  • Smooth and Refined Texture: Moisturizes and evens out the skin, leaving it fresh and bouncy, resisting dryness.
  • Contains Vitamin C Derivative5, Vitamin5, and Vitamin E6.
  • Single-use Type: Designed with skin in mind. By using one per application, it provides effective dryness protection.
  • Delicately Peach-Scented.
How To Use

After washing your face and preparing your skin with toner or other products:

  1. Fold the pack's opening firmly and dispense all the liquid onto your palm.
  2. Apply it evenly to your skin, gently massaging it as if you are wrapping your skin with your palm.
  3. Once the liquid is absorbed, you can layer on moisturizer or cream to complete the routine.


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