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BCL MOMO PURI Moist Barrier Milk

BCL MOMO PURI Moist Barrier Milk

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BCL MOMO PURI Moist Barrier Milk is an emulsion that delivers the necessary moisture to the skin and prevents excess sebum secretion. It guides you to smooth and supple peach-like skin. It contains lactic acid bacteria for skin moisture and ceramides from domestically grown peach juice, as well as three types of ceramides. It leads to skin that feels good every day, with a plump and peachy complexion. It has a subtly peachy fragrance.

  • Towards skin that feels good every day.
  • Common ingredients in the Momo Puri series.
  • Adding amino acids for barrier maintenance.
  • With its creamy emulsion, it leads to plump and supple skin.
  • It moisturizes effectively without feeling greasy.
  • Boosted moisturizing power! Contains liquid shea butter.
  • A subtle peach fragrance.
How To Use
After applying toner, take an appropriate amount onto the palm of your hand and gently spread it over your entire face.


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