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BCL MOMO PURI Fresh Dot Pack

BCL MOMO PURI Fresh Dot Pack

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3 application

BCL MOMO PURI Fresh Dot Pack will absorb the sebum and dirt accumulated in the pores, and your face will have dot patterns with changing colors. Wash it off for a refreshing and smooth peachy skin.

Clearing pores and removing sebum dirt with Pink Clay1 and BHA2. They work together to remove pore dirt caused by excess sebum and leave your skin non-greasy.

How To Use
1. After washing your face, use it on lightly wiped dry skin.
2. Take an appropriate amount (about the size of a cherry) and spread it thinly and evenly over the entire face, avoiding the eye area and lips.
3. As the pack dries, spots and dots will appear where the sebum has been sucked out. (Approx. 5 minutes)
4. After using the pack, rinse well with water or lukewarm water.
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