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AQUAIR Aquair Hair Pack Deep Moist Night Essence

AQUAIR Aquair Hair Pack Deep Moist Night Essence

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Powerful moisturizing cream for damaged and dry hair. Healing ingredients coat the hair from scalp to end, eliminating split ends and protecting against further damage. No rinse is needed.

Shiseido Aquair Deep Moist Night Essence cream is a mild, pH-balanced hair wash that is suitable for all kinds of hair. It can effectively repair damaged hair and prevent it from further damages. They work from the scalp to hair ends to strengthen brittle strands, eliminate split ends, and soften dry, coarse, over-processed hair. Within a few days of regular use, your hair's natural condition improves.

How To Use
After shampoo, lightly squeeze water from hair and massage treatment into hair. No rinse is needed. 


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