BCL MOMO PURI Skincare Series

As the beauty industry grows and evolves, trends present themselves from all over the world. One of the strongest trends in the beauty world right now is Asian skincare! Rightly so, as well. For some reason, it seems that the Asian world is the leading provider and developer of the most efficient products. That’s why we have started carrying one of our favorite Japanese skincare brands right here in our store!

 MOMO PURI Skin Care Series

Momo Puri is a skincare brand made by BCL. It features a combination of lactic acid bacteria and peach ceramide. These two unique ingredients make for a lovely combination of moisture and delight. The peach leaves the skin supple and smooth while providing a subtle yet soothing scent. The lactic acid bacteria is a probiotic element in the products that balances the skin’s natural flora and helps prevent blemishes.

These two substances make a great team in the entire Momo Puri line of products! They all have a light, fluid texture that people love. Combining the innovation of these new ingredients and the benefits of traditional Asian skincare, Momo Puri is an amazing breakthrough in the world of skincare, and we are so excited to have some of our favorite products from the line available here!

We have gone through and picked out our most used and well-loved products from the Momo Puri line. We so adore these products that we wanted to share them with our amazing clients here at the salon. Thus, without further ado, here are the Momo Puri products we’ve chosen to introduce to you all! We hope you love them as much as we do!

BCL Momo Puri Moisturizing Jelly Masks:

This sheet mask set is sure to leave your skin soft and rehydrated! Each mask comes in its own packet filled with lactic acid bacteria and peach ceramide fluid. Once on the sheet mask is on your face, the fluid soaks into the skin and does its job. After 20 minutes or so, remove the mask and rub the excess fluid into the skin. We love this mask because it leaves the skin refreshed and supple!

BCL Momo Puri Moist Gel Lotion:

Adding this moisturizing lotion is a perfect way to enhance your daily routine! Made in a gel form instead of a cream, the lactic acid and the peach ceramide are free to relax and replenish the skin. With a subtle peach scent, the lotion will purify and even out the skin tone while penetrating deep to create healthy, happy skin! We like to use this product after a good cleanser!

BCL Momo Puri Moist Gel Cream:

If you are looking for a more traditional moisturizer, they also make their original formula in a cream form! It has the same benefit of the gel lotion, but the cream base is more comfortable for some users as it has a slicker finish than the gel. Whatever your preference is, both the gel and the cream use the peach ceramide and lactic acid bacteria to renew and hydrate the skin.

Momo Puri is an amazing line of skincare, and we are so excited to share it with you all. We hope you will give these products a try and let us know if you like them!

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