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Kao Blaune Lumiest Creamy Foam Hair Color 2A Style Ash

Kao Blaune Lumiest Creamy Foam Hair Color 2A Style Ash

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2A Style Ash

Color tresses at home with ease thanks to this hair dye.

Its easy-to-use formula dyes hair evenly while repairing damaged hair cuticles, leaving hair smooth and shiny. Choose among a selection of ten colors.

You can enjoy bright hair color without worrying about grey hair because it dyes both white and black hair in a well-balanced manner!

  • Dyed with a smooth, moist texture that fits your fingers.
  • Suppresses the annoying odor and makes it fragrant.
  • With repair treatment. For delicate hair after hair coloring.
  • Repairs damaged cuticles and makes hair moisturized.
How To Use
1. Mix the same amount of 1 agent and 2 agents.
2. Apply to all dry hair.
3. Apply the front half from the root of the conspicuous part of gray hair to the tip of the hair.
4. After applying it to the back hair, apply it to the entire hair again and let it blend well.
5. After leaving it for 20 minutes, rinse it well and finish it with shampoo and conditioner.
6. If necessary, we will perform the attached repair treatment.
About Kao
Kao creates quality beauty products for men and women based on a philosophy of mutual respect, trust and social responsibility. The brand uses innovative research and development techniques to ensure customer satisfaction and predict customers' future needs. Kao's beauty collection focuses on a range of hair and face care products including the brand's Biore, Liese and Essential series.


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