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BCL Saborino Morning Care Facial Mask Vitamin C 30pcs

BCL Saborino Morning Care Facial Mask Vitamin C 30pcs

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Vitamin C

Complete Cleansing + Skincare + Moisturizing Primer with One Sheet Mask!

Simply apply to your freshly woken skin, and your morning routine is complete with just this one sheet. It's easy yet effective, leaving your skin hydrated and providing a smooth base for makeup application.

  • Morning Vitamin Speed Charge Mask for 1-minute penetration! Just apply for 1 minute on your awakening skin! Achieve a moist and translucent complexion!
  • Formulated with 4 types of Vitamin C [Ascorbyl Glucoside, Ascorbyl Sodium Phosphate, Palmitoyl Ascorbyl Phosphate 3Na, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate
    (All are skin conditioning ingredients)]
  • By adopting a lamellar liquid crystal formula, beauty ingredients penetrate deeply into the entire skin
  • Scent of Vita Citrus

How To Use
No need for cleansing! Just 60 seconds after waking up, place the sheet mask on your skin, and your skincare routine is done. You can proceed to your makeup immediately.
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