D-UP Japan Furry Lash Natural Volume False Eyelashes 04


  • $15.99




2 pairs

"Ultra-realistic fluffy feeling" by 3D processing Eyelashes with natural eyelash texture that can be piled up Reproduce the habit of growing your own eyelashes with 3D processing that mixes different curls.

With a three-dimensional finish no matter where you look at it.

It creates a fluffy and gorgeous eye that looks like your own eyelashes have increased.

Next-generation false eyelashes that tickle the hearts of makeup lovers who are not satisfied with just natural eyelashes.

How To Use

Remove from tray and glue onto the edge of your eyelashes.

About D-up

Tokyo-based cosmetics brand D-UP specializes in eye makeup like mascaras, eyeliners and false eyelashes, as well as nail care products. D-up is famous for its eyelid tapes, which are extremely popular in Asia.


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