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Koji Fullfit Eyelash Curler (Eye width 36mm)

Koji Fullfit Eyelash Curler (Eye width 36mm)

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Eye width (36mm)

Eyelash curler that catches eyelashes with a gapless frame and curls from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.

Designed without gaps so that the struts do not touch the eyelids. Wide steering wheel specifications that it is easy to have and is solid-looking.

As we greatly open lengthwise, it is easy to sandwich the whole eyelashes. Can curl eyelashes with rubber of moderate hardness well. Comes with one spare rubber.

How To Use
Keep your eyes open and look down, apply the eyelash curler lightly to your eyelids, and align the curve of the frame and eyeliner.

Lightly press the eyelash curler as it is, and firmly pinch the base of the eyelashes.

After raising the base of the eyelashes, press 3 to 4 times while shifting toward the ends to create natural curved eyelashes.


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