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Gatsby Monster Lift Grease

Gatsby Monster Lift Grease

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Gloss / Hard

Lift boldly from the roots! A monstrous level of styling power that keeps your perfectly styled look all day long!

Gatsby Monster Lift Grease is an exceptional hair styling product when it comes to achieving a glossy finish. It provides a wet and shiny look that wax products can't match.

One of its advantages is that grease, with its high moisture content, is easy to wash out with shampoo. Furthermore, it allows for easy adjustments without making your hairstyle too stiff. This convenience makes it suitable for those who want a hassle-free styling experience.

  • Long-Lasting Hold! - Elasticity polymers coat the surface of your hair, ensuring an excellent hold without making it overly stiff or crispy.
  • It washes out easily because of its oil-free formula, leaving no greasy residue, and making cleanup a breeze.
  • Great Fragrance! Enjoy a refreshing and light, clear fruity fragrance that's both invigorating and pleasant.

How To Use

Be cautious not to apply too much to the tips of your hair. Apply it evenly from the roots. Lift the bangs and the top part of your hair while pressing down on the sides to shape the overall form.


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