Kao Liese Hair Color

Kao Liese Hair Color

Dying your hair at home can be a pretty daunting process. Choosing the right color, applying it correctly, and going through the whole reveal can be extremely intimidating especially if you haven’t done it before. Having the right tools, though, can make the whole experience much easier!

Kao Liese Prettia Hair Color

Kao Liese Hair Color is one of those awesome tools that will make dying your own hair a much smoother process. Liese is a natural-looking, easy to use hair dye that will make dying your own hair a breeze. Based in Japan, Liese has given women all around the world the freedom to dye their hair at home without salon prices and the fear of messing up their hair. Although Liese is specifically designed for Asian hair, it is suitable for almost any hair type! As any Asian woman knows, it can be almost impossible to find a coloring system that actually works. That’s what makes Liese different, though. The strong binding and coloring properties in the hair dye make it especially effective for dark hair which is why it works so well for Asian women!


Kao Liese Hair Color Design Series

Available in many colors, both dramatic and natural-looking, Kao Liese Hair Color is a perfect kit for beginners as well. The color itself is delivered in a soft, smooth, foam that is easy to use and safe on the skin. By simply massaging the color from root to tip, even inexperienced hair colorers can achieve an even and thorough look. Additionally, Kao has added Lanolin Acid to their formula! This ingredient protects the hair from damage and provides a lovely silky finish to each strand.

Kao Liese Hair Color Natural Series

To use Liese Hair Color, purchase the color of your choice and perform a skin allergy test. Even if you haven’t had reactions to hair color in the past, it is always a good idea to double-check with new products! Test a small amount of product on a small area to make sure you don’t have any negative reactions. Then, you’ll need to mix the two solutions and insert the foaming pump. Apply the product generously, and keep in mind that if you have particularly long or thick hair, you may need an extra box of product to get a good even coloring. Clean up the edges of your scalp making sure that you have no color on your ears, face, or neck and massage into the roots. Let it sit for the intended amount of time and rinse thoroughly!

Kao Liese Hair Color Pack

Kao Liese Hair Color is an amazing product that is perfect for beginners and experienced hair colorers alike. The strong color combined with the moisturizing ingredients and easy application, make it one of the best hair coloring kits on the market, and we are so happy to get to supply it to you all! Come in today to get started!

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