Koji Dolly Wink Easy Lash False Eyelashes

Koji Dolly Wink Easy Lash False Eyelashes

Cosmetics have come a long way from ancient times, and they continue to evolve today. For example, people in ancient Egypt would shave their heads and wear wigs. We now have all kinds of treatments targeted towards giving a certain effect to the hair. Thus, the need for wigs is very much reduced! This has been the case with many different trends including the eyelash industry.

Mascara has been a staple in many people’s makeup kits for decades if not centuries now. Almost every culture has tried to accentuate the eyes through the darkening and emphasizing of the eyelashes, but developments in cosmetic procedure and technology has changed the medium by which this goal is achieved. Although mascara is still widely popular around the world, false eyelashes have been utilized more commonly as well.

With this development, more and more people wished that they could have dramatic full lashes without the effort it takes to apply and remove false eyelashes every day. Thus, eyelash extensions were born! The more natural look combined with the semi-permanence of the procedure was very attractive to many people!

For some, though, the permanence, the cost, and the procedure itself simply didn’t work. In fact, getting eyelash extensions can be quite expensive and involved. False eyelashes can give way too much volume, and it can be challenging to learn how to apply them.

Dolly Wink Easy Lashes fit in that gap. With 16 different lash types in the series, there is a set for everyone in this line! From natural to dramatic combined different widths and colors, Dolly Wink has it all covered. Each pack includes one pair of reusable lashes in the indicated style. The lashes can be trimmed to fit the shape of the eye, and they come with a special adhesive that makes application and removal much more convenient than typical false eyelashes.

Koji Dolly Wink Easy Lash

Besides their customizability, Dolly Wink Easy Lashes are incredibly simple to apply and remove. With a little bit of experience and practice, you can apply these falsies in 10 seconds! The special adhesive formula allows even the beginner to enjoy putting these lashes on. On top of the unique lash glue, the lashes themselves show you exactly where to trim them to avoid irritation.

At the end of each lash strip, you’ll see a tiny tail of base threads. You will want to trim these threads off to match the shape and length of your lash line! Once completed, you’ll be ready to apply the lashes with the special lash glue!

The last awesome feature of these lashes is the lack of mascara you’ll need to wear. Because the Dolly Wink Easy Lashes come in so many different styles, you’ll be able to find a pair that suits you exactly. This combined with the unique adhesive and easy application will make lining up the lashes with your natural lash line virtually seamless thus eliminating the need for mascara! Simply curl your natural lashes and apply the Dolly Wink set. In fact, Koji-Honpo recommends avoiding mascara completely when you wear the lashes as certain ingredients in some mascaras can damage the lashes.

Manufactured by Koji-Honpo and designed specifically for the Japanese Gyaru style, the lashes are designed to enhance the eye while looking feminine, sweet, and absolutely gorgeous. This completely encompasses everything that the “Japanese Gal” style is about! Effortless and soft, yet noticeable and defining, these lashes are the perfect combination of sassy and sweet.

If you’ve never heard of the “Japanese Gal” style, just look at Tsubasa Masuwaka! As a very popular model in Japan, she embodies everything that is the Gyaru style. By endorsing these lashes, she has put her stamp of approval on Dolly Wink Easy Lashes!

Although these lashes originated in Japan with the goal of catering to the Japanese Gyaru style, they have made their impact internationally! Women all over the world are enjoying the 16 different styles of Dolly Wink Easy Lashes! Because they are so easily customizable and come in so many different lengths, colors, and levels of drama, these lashes are a great fit for any woman from any country for any occasion!

The last vital point that needs to be made about these lashes is the affordability of each individual set. Atmos Beauty carries individual sets at $6.99 each, and they are reusable! This means you can try any set that interests you without breaking the bank.

Dolly Wink Easy Lashes are an amazing addition to our line of cosmetics here at Atmos Beauty, and we are so excited to be carrying them. We know that you will love them, and we can’t believe how lucky we are to get to share them with you!

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