Shiseido Senka White Beauty Serum In Foundation SPF 30 PA+++ Natural Beige


  • $14.99

A foundation made from beauty serum. Makes up makeup whitening care while foundation. Medicinal whitening x bright makeup finish.

Simultaneously caring for the four major skin problems that cause makeup to fog ,dryness, conspicuous pores due to lack of moisture, rough skin, and spot prevention.

Prevents blemishes and freckles by suppressing the production of melanin with the active ingredient m-tranexamic acid. Smoothly spreads on rough skin and dry skin, and is wrapped in a moisturizing feel as if the skin was soaked in a beauty essence. Moisture lasts for a long time

Colored beautiful skin veil prescription gives a bright makeup finish that does not cause skin problems such as spots and freckles. Suppresses shine and stickiness, and beautiful finish lasts throughout the day. Unscented.
How To Use
At the end of the morning skin care, take 1 pearl grain and apply it on the entire face.If the amount used is too small, sufficient UV protection effect cannot be obtained. Use makeup cleansing when dropping.


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