Peach C Eye Shadow Palette Blossom Edition 01 Shine Pink

Peach C

  • $22.99

Peach C

 01 Shine Pink

#01 Shy Pink consists of base, main, glitter, matte, point, shading, eye liner and undereye colour.

Peach C Blossom Edition with heart beating & lovely colour item. With soft factors for even blending and apply without smudging. Create bright skin radiance with great colour payoff. The glitter contains twinkle pigments that help create glowing eye makeup.

How To Use
1. Apply base colour evenly on the eyelid with fingers or wide brush.
2. Use the blending brush to blend the main colour naturally with base colour.
3. Apply the shading colour on top of it with small brush.
4. At last, apply point colour and glitter for glowing finish.


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