Miche Bloomin’ Transparent Eyelash Glue

Miche Bloomin’ Transparent Eyelash Glue

Miche Bloomin'

  • $9.99


Miche Bloomin'



Maintain the super adhesion of the eyelashes all day long! It is safe for sensitive skin which does not contain alcohol formula! It is not only waterproof but also sweat-proof.

How To Use

About Miche Bloomin'
Miche Bloomin' is the must-have item for natural make-up look. Delicate design of high quality lash strips, giving you the look as if they were your real lashes. The natural makeup look that almost no one can tell you are acutally wearing false lashes Easy to try on for people who are beginners or even extension lovers. 7 different lines of products are made with the concept of makeup,expression and fashion. Miche Bloomin' roots for girls who wishes to dress themselves cute.


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