Meishoku Brilliant Colors Moist Labo BB+ Loose Powder SPF 30 PA++ Transparent Pearl


  • $14.99

Brilliant Colors
Skin care ideas born from make-up skin care that is hard to collapse is a loose powder.

Multi BB control powder adsorbs the oil content of BB cream and sticks tightly.

Perfect skin that does not collapse all day continues.

Powerful cutting of ultraviolet rays.

Pore ​​covering power, transparency, difficulty of collapse of makeup, moisturizing power also power up, while firmly covering anxious pores, fluffy skin with transparent feeling persists. Contains moisture ingredients, nanoized hyaluronic acid, ceramide, collagen.

Even though the surface is smooth, it keeps moisture securely on the inside. With a fluffy puff that is good around your skin, powder adheres closely to your skin.
How To Use
After applying the BB cream, take an appropriate amount in the puff, so as to lightly soak it in.Let the loose powder be contained in the whole puff and gently adapt to your skin.

You can also use it for makeup. When making make-up, use it so as to overlap softly after lightly holding the extra sebum. You can wash away with facial cleanser.


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