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Megumi no Honpo

Megumi no Honpo Peach Extra Moist Fruit Mask 7pcs

Megumi no Honpo Peach Extra Moist Fruit Mask 7pcs

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Megumi no Honpo 恵の本舗

Especially recommended for those concerned about drying.

It combines triple hyaluronic acid, proteoglycan and plant-derived extract, which is excellent in moisture retention and water retention, in addition to the traditional hot spring water.

In addition, it contains sacran, which keeps the skin moist, and protects the skin from drying with a natural moisturizing veil.

In addition, it contains peach extract and yogurt extract from Yamanashi prefecture to condition the skin.

Formulated with three types of beauty oils for dry care to create a dense serum that does not lose moisture.

A highly moisturizing adhesive mask is effective for short-term care before bedtime and dry damage care by air conditioners.

7 Sheets x 0.67FLOZ (20ml)

How To Use
Use daily and leave on for 10-15 minutes for best results.
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