Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Color Natural Mocha


  • $13.99

Foam application for easy home application and less dripping. Long hair need not be sectioned for hair color application to entire head. Pure honey, silk essence infused formula. Silky and smooth results.
How To Use
1. Tilt the bottle 5 times SLOWLY!
2. Apply plenty of foam onto DRY hair.
3. Massage well until the foam becomes CREAMIER!
4. Cover your hair entirely with foam and leave on for 20~30 minutes.
About Liese
Launched in 1980, Liese is the pioneer hairstyling brand in Japan and is still loved by many women as the top brand in Japan. Focusing on long-established ‘know-hows’ of hair styling trends to help consumers style on their own at home, product development is supported by unique polymer technology and original raw materials. For more than three decades now, KAO Hair Cosmetics continues to raise the bar on easily and beautifully styling for Asian hair.


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