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HENKEL LION Cosmetics Freshlight Mil Key Hair Color Vanilla Beige

HENKEL LION Cosmetics Freshlight Mil Key Hair Color Vanilla Beige

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1.4floz + 2.7oz
Vanilla Beige

Freshlight Mil Key Hair Color  offers trendy and attractive colors that provide you with a fashionable look and a relatively long-lasting effect. The fluffy foam blends smoothly for even coloring and comes in an easy pump foam type. It contains eight amino-based treatment ingredients that help maintain your hair's beauty and minimize any negative effects during the coloring process. Additionally, the product includes a bonus hair treatment pack to further ensure the longevity of your colored hair while nourishing it. The beauty ingredients include water lily extract, a moisturizing component, and silk essence extracts, giving your hair a glossy and light texture.

  • Offers trendy and attractive colors for a fashionable look and long-lasting effect.
  • Fluffy foam blends smoothly for even coloring.
  • Easy pump foam type for convenient application.
  • Contains eight amino-based treatment ingredients to maintain hair beauty and minimize negative effects during coloring.
  • Includes a bonus hair treatment pack to prolong the longevity of colored hair and nourish it.
  • Beauty ingredients include water lily extract (moisturizing component) and silk essence extracts.
  • Provides a glossy and light texture to your hair.

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Freshlight is the Kawaii fashion brand originating from Japan. We take inspiration from the latest fashion trends in Japan and develop in-trend, vibrant and fashion color shades which are complemented by post color care treatments infused with long lasting fragrance.
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