D-UP Rich X Long Volume Eyelash 805 Natura Eyedric


  • $13.99




2 pairs

The series is an impact eyelash that focuses on the feeling of hair bundles.

Since the roots are solid, the eyeliner effect is high and the eyes can be greatly patched.

805 is a natural volume with a thin bundle.

Volume around the corners of the eyes that has a thick, thick feel.

An impact eyelash that focuses on the feeling of hair bundles.

Horizontal volume type featuring a thin bundle.

Long bundle + short cross.

How To Use

1. Hold the root of the eyelashes with tweezers and gently lift one end of it from the container.

2. In order to make the eyelashes more affixed to the root of eyelashes, please hold both ends of the eyelashes and bend back and forth about 10 times.

3. Use scissors to trim the length of the eyelashes that fit the eyes, which may make the eyelashes look more natural.

4. Use a commercially available eyelashes adhesive to apply on the roots of the eyelashes thinly and evenly.

5. Please stick the eyelashes as close as possible to the top of the original lashes roots.

6. Please look down, press the eyelashes follow the order of center → eye head → the end of eye to make the eyelashes close to the original eyelashes.


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