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D-UP Eyelashes Fixer Ex 553 Black

D-UP Eyelashes Fixer Ex 553 Black

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This eyelash glue is easy to use, non-irritating, waterproof and offers strong staying power to keep lashes in place for 24 hours. Black Type to blend seamlessly with your eyeliner.

- Super strong glue for false eyelashes which is one of the best glue.
- It will stick on your eyelids throughout the day for 24 hours.
- Super strong adhesive ability, strong resistance towards water and sweat.
- It will blend seamlessly into your eye line tone.

How To Use
1. Apply the glue to lash band using the brush tip.

2. Position false eyelashes along your natural lashes, following the natural curve along the length.

3. After use, clean any excess glue around the bottle rim, and seal tight before storing.


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