BCL Saborino Trip Premium Morning Care Moisturizing Facial Mask (French Grape & Olive) 28pc


  • $15.99

This special care face mask gives you 3-in-1 performance from cleansing, skincare, and primer (base). It is made from French materials such as fresh French grapes and fresh olive sprouts, also contains different moisture ingredients, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, honey, apple fruit extract, strawberry fruit extract, rosemary leaf extract, bilberry fruit extract, jojoba seed oil, sardine leaf extract, tea tree Leaf oil, malic acid, Vitamin C derivative, vitamin E and more. Simply leave the mask for 1 minute for a quick skin nourishment after waking up.
How To Use
Place the mask on the face while spreading it, and fit it while stretching it left and right. It is recommended to put off the mask in 60 seconds and then complete.

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